An autonomous nonprofit organization


"La concorrenza non ha futuro, il futuro è la cooperazione". 

(Fabio Calzavara)


PANORAMA is a project system integrator.

Strategy development, coordination, management and control at all stages.


Our activities

Main areas

Project support
Project support

Support for modernization and innovation processes in the social, economic and public spheres.

Works and services
Works and services

Legal, technological, financial expertise and due diligence. Research and development.

Information and legal support
Information and legal support

Conflict of interest management, project feasibility analysis, risk management, legal environment analysis.


Paneling: negotiations and consultations, workshops and round-table discussions, forums and summits.

CEO and Cofounder

В посольстве UK


PhD. (Philology), Lawyer


Graduated from Moscow State University

Interned at St Edmund’s College of the University of Cambridge

Served as Deputy Director General of the Institute for Global Issues of Energy Efficiency and Energy Industry

Then she was Head of the Representative Office of SEMA GROUP S.A. (France) in Russia.

After that, she represented RAO UES of Russia in the Project and Strategic Committees of the Association of Major Electric Companies of the Big Eight — E8, represented the company’s CEO at the E8 Summits.

Later, she worked as Executive Director of the Round Table of Industrialists for Cooperation with the European Union (a nonprofit partnership), and as Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO Management Company LLC.

Our goals
Humanization of society, spiritual growth of the individual, promotion of international cooperation.

Strengthening academic, economic and cultural dialogue.


Working out and presenting initiatives aimed at international cooperation, fostering trade and investment, enhancing the competitiveness of Russian companies, and improving the business climate in the Russian economy.


Coordination of efforts of cultural, academic and business organizations.

Scientific and scholarly research

Study and analysis of issues related to the transition to new technologies, including in project management.

Completed projects


EU-Russia Industrialists Round Table
EU-Russia Industrialists Round Table

Biannual summits held at the highest political level (1997—2014)

Joint recommendations of the Russian and European business communities to the Russia-EU Summits

Moscow Climate Dialogue
Moscow Climate Dialogue

Preparing a negotiating position for the political leadership and businesses at the Conferences of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate.

G8 - Energy
G8 - Energy

Projects to reduce adverse human impact on the Earth’s climate.

Projects furthering absorption of greenhouse gas emissions.

Development of renewable energy sources.

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